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Stop the buzzing

I used to like this game until it started vibrating every time the snake hit a block after getting the star power-up. Please stop vibrating my phone or at least give the option to stop vibrations in the settings. It’s so annoying

Don’t buy app ads don’t go away

There is an INSANE amount of ads. And they claim that the app can be ad free for $2.99 but even after purchasing app the ads remain. It’s a shame because I actually enjoy the game.

Juliana les dice

Me encantan sus juegos sigan mejorándolos y saquen nuevos juegos

I love this game soooooo much but

I love this game it is soo fun especially when your in the car or on the bus.the only thing I don’t like is all the adds but other than that I love it


Love ❤️ love

Why I picked three stars

Well, I picked three stars bc the game, is well, kind of difficult. When I play the game it is fun at first but then it gets boring. Your adds where great on this game tho. Well that’s all I can say now, we’ll bye!

Ads must be handled better.

This game is clever and fun. The way it handles ads is the worst I've ever seen. Having an ad every 30 seconds is just insulting, especially when the ads can last longer than the interval between them. I'm uninstalling, and I'll never download a game from this developer again.

The game is good

I love the game, I think it is very fun but the adds can be inappropriate.

Great but to many ads

To many ads and they are getting on my nerves I just wasted 3 dollars for a ad removed

Love this game



I love it is awesome 🦄🦄🦄


I have other Vodoo games but this game is the most game with ads in it

Fun but terrible

This game is very addicting and keeps me occupied, but there is an advertisement 9/10 times after you die. It is an unreasonable volume of ads. Additionally, there's no point in completing challenges as you receive nothing from doing so. This game needs more depth.

Final Fantasy Ads

So many final fantasy ads.

Good game

It’s challenging but fun and not that frustrating.

Great Game!!!!!👍😃

I recommend playing it. It is an awesome game. I'm addicted to it! But I do wish it had more skins for the snake.


THERES AN AD EVERY TWO SECONDS! Every time u die , u have to watch an ad just to play again. Very annoying , most likely will be deleting

Why u love snake vs block

It is a good game for me and I always wanted to play it now I can play it and I like it

To many ads

Every 10 seconds to put out an ad and I don't know why because I'm going in the middle of a game and then if I lose then I get mad that if I just came into the game I get an ad and what do these guys think I want ads? 🙁 just to annoying


This game was sooo much fun, you know when I first got it. But then it got soooo boring and then I just started playing other games that I never really played this one ever again. If you like hard annoying levels and playing the same thing over, and over, and over again then this game is for you.

Lots of ads

Soooo many ads. And lots of lag. Good game minutes those two things

Rate Snake vs Block

After every game it's a Ad popping up & the app is always lagging/ glitching.


Hey people that have read my reviews before... So here, snake vs blocks has a lot of potential in it! It seemed really fun but one thing hit me the first time I died, one thing in particular... at first it didn’t surprise me... but then OH THEN I realized that the ads were just way to much! Every 30 seconds (basically every time I die) I got another 30 second long ad that I sometimes could skip, and sometimes couldn’t if your going to add this many ads (no pun intended) then at least let the player have the option to skip ALL of them if he/she chooses too now I have seen lots of ads thrown in face, by lots I mean LOTS so.... when I saw that I could revive myself with an ad I tried it I had to watch a 30 second ad and then I was revived and guess what? I literally died again after 3 seconds and had another 30 second ad thrown in my face! Also, why the @$&* would I pay $2.99 to remove all the unnecessary ads!? So.. making the smart decision (which is rare in my case) I deleted the game now I would re-get the game and if I could, re write a review and even recommended it to my brother if u updated it and REMOVED THE $&@* ADS till then, ya get one star from me even though the game it’s self was addicting Peace out ppl ~ shades the cat 🐈 Edit: holy cow I saw a stupid autocorrect and I fixed that! AHHHHH also, 2 stars now cuz da ads r better (I downloaded it again) k bye

The game

This game sucks👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡

Less adds plz



This game is so fun

False advertisement

I really like this game so I purchased it for $2.99 to get rid of the ridiculously long ads. But they still pop up! Ads everywhere and it lags on the game so it gives you late reaction and you die after 3 seconds then MORE ADS. It’s annoying really. I really like the game but that’s a false advertisement they have on.



I love this game

It’s so fun and a good game

Boring. Too many ads

No more than 10s of playing before you get an add. Maybe if you’re amazing. Unfortunately I’m not that good.

Too many adds

I love this game but there are so many adds. Almost every time you die you see an add and it makes me so mad sometimes because you see the same ones over and over. This is the only thing that I dislike about the game.

So many ads!!

Like seriously!!!! So many!!




I loved this game, but in the 2 hours I played it, 10 minutes was the actual game, the rest were ADS. Christ so annoying, worst I’ve seen on any game I’ve played, in the trash you go

Needs minor tweaks.

I actually love this game and am addicted af to it. Wouldn’t it be so much better if sound effects would be added in it as well? And I can’t access to the settings in the game. Whenever I tap on the settings icon, the game starts.


اصايل احمد نافع

Way to many ads.

Game is really fun to play. But you get an ad every 10 seconds or so. Once that one ad is done, another one follows. So you’re getting 2 ads for one.

Snake v block

Very good game great to pass the time.But sometimes it is to laggy to play and it makes me watch too many adds.


i love the free play, trying to beat my own high score, and i love all the challenges - color mods especially. i can’t stop playing!


It it good

What the heck

This game is very fun but the amount of ads! It's retarded!!! I hate this game because of that so y'all should gets yalls act together and make it more fun with less ads and it really drowns the excitement and I refuse to recommend this retarded app to anybody

Snake vs block

I love snake vs block it is so fun 😊

Best game ever

It’s a little bit hard at first but it gets really easy

Awesome game

Awesome game! I love it! Although it is hard, but i still luv it!!!!!

This is a stupid game . So many adds which !

It was showing too many adds so I bought it. But still it had too many adds. Waste of money . Such a rip off. Don’t waste your money on this app .


Snake vs. block is a TOTAL stress reliever. It is my most favorite game in the entire universe. Totally recommended.

Awesome 😎

Hey 👋 I love 💕 this game it is awesome 😎. Really good to play a very very good app

Too Many Ads

Ive never played a game with more ads. It’s a fun game though.

I hate it

It is not the best app

Ripped off.

Enjoyed the game so I purchased the premium to remove the ads..... purchase when through but I still see the ads! Far from happy and will not purchase any of their games ever again

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