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Snake 🐍 vs block

Love it

I think it is a good game to play if you are bored

Sooooo fun

Good game, way too many ads

Ads are really disruptive. No clear explanation on how to play. Had to sit through a thirty second ad four times in a row. Deleted after my first use.

Time Taking Game

I cannot get past LEVEL 4. Lol

Fun game but those ads!

This game is easily a 5 Star game but the ads are so frequent you can’t even enjoy it.

Poorly designed

Even with the paid version of the game you spend more time staring at the adds than actually playing the just takes all the fun out of it


I paid $2.99 for no ads, but there they are. Even after an email to the developer, I’m still sitting through 30 seconds worth of nonsense every time I open the game.

To many adds

Way to many adds lasting 30or more sea ones they pop up after every game it’s ridiculous

Fun but.....

I paid to have the add free version I STILL HAVE ADDS!!!! 😡 what did I pay for????


it’s a very fun game but the ads-GOTTA GO!!! it’s so annoying having so many ads i don’t even know what to do with them anymore it is so out of control and somebody needs to do something about it because it makes me want to stop playing the game altogether



Way too many ads

The amount of ads is unbearable. For every minute of playtime you get 5 minutes of annoying ads.


اللعبة ممتعة لكن كثيرة الاعلانات


Best multiplayer and single mode

Snake vs Block

I like this game because it has numbers and I like math.

Death traps

This would be a fun game if you didn’t have to commit to a path before you could see the numbers at the end. Get stuck in an alley with all numbers way beyond your chain length and it’s game over, not because you reacted too slow but because you didn’t have access to the info when you made the decision. Ruins the whole game for me

This is so 😎

This game is so good I like to play it a lot but the challenges are to hard so I can not do thin that well so please try to make the challenges easier for me thank you !!!!

To much

All tho this game is addicting it has to much ads every time you lose which I don’t enjoy


Ok, so don’t get me wrong here Snake vs Block is awesome and what not but, the ads the game shows are very inappropriate for children. If I’m not mistaken this is a child’s game. The game recommends 6+, but the ads I see are from Episode. The same ad shows every single time, a women laying on top of a man under water, the choices are, “Should I kiss him?” and “Go up above water first”. I have never pressed them, I simply double tap my home button and exit out of the game. Either change the age recommendations or get rid of the ad! I am satisfied gamer, but please change that for the younger kids!!😐

Constantly freezes

I have quickly become addicted to this game but it freezes during every single game. I can’t deal with it so until they figure out the glitch, I’ll go back to fight list


I purchased the “premium” version to remove ads and I’m still getting ads. What a rip off.........

To many ads

It’s a fun game but wow sooooo many ads it’s make it so not fun

I still get ads

I invested in this app for places like waiting rooms and other boring events that require me to be antisocial. Guess what! I still get ads. Why did I pay money? What am I paying for? I’m so dissatisfied that I can’t sleep.

Ads are pissing me off. I just want to play the game.

Ads are pissing me off. I just want to play the game.

Ads will not stop

I paid for in app purchase for no ads. But I continue to receive ads. I emailed the support center. No response a day later.

Great game but too many ads

This game is awesome so far. But every 2 games I have to wait 30 seconds to close down a final fantasy pop up. I payed the $3 for upgrade to no ads and I actually got more ads.

Adds may be sponsors.. but..

Adds can really annoy me, I love this addicting game for when I’m on the road or just bored. I understand people pay this app too advertise their apps, but the amount is ridiculous! An add pops up almost every time you die, which for most people is quite a lot. Maybe reduce the number of adds? (Like make one or two adds every three games) so it would be more enjoyable, and what is up with “no adds”? Many reviews say it only reduces the amount of adds. My advice is to not have false information, if their is “no adds” their should be no adds. Or call it “reduced adds” I love this game because the concept is fun and creative and theirs always challenging and new challenges! So please, fix these problems so other viewers will really enjoy this app too! 👍

Fun but has too many ads

I really love this game but it has a lot of ads, it’s not unbearable tho: 4/5

Fun but could be better

I really enjoy this game and think it is very fun. But there are a few ways it could be better. for example, in the challenges, there are modes such as color mode in crazy mode. They should make it so we have the option to play in these modes normally. They should be options on the home screen. But overall, I really like this game and would recommend it.

Horrible design

How far you can get in a level is pure luck. You have to choose which way to go before you can see the blocks in front of you. Garbage design

Some funny stuff

I like how I delete every game from voodoo as soon as I see an ad pop up for more than 5 seconds



Awesome concept great fun BUT not worth the time!

You spend more time on 30 locker ads that keep you watching ad after ad every single time you die. If games lasted say 5 minutes each it wouldn’t be bad. But every turn you must watch an ad. So you literally spend more time watching ads than playing the game itself. Too bad too.


I have played in adds it is awesome 😎

Fun, but not really a “Game”

The app is surely fun and entertaining, except for the constant bombardment of ads and a laggy game experience which is inevitable result. However my biggest problem with this app is that I don’t know if it’s fair to call it a game. You search for extra circles to increase your snake length but there is no way of knowing what is up ahead. Because of this really skill can’t increase your score because there is no way to anticipate where the lowest number block to breaks though is, so the majority of how well you do is depended on how lucky you are. That said it is amazing how addicting this game is despite knowing that nothing I do can really increase my score, it’s more like playing a slot machine then a skill based game.

Good but........

It's good nothing's bad with but add move things to make it move exciting make levels make special levels


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Here is the thing, when i was playing the game, with my cousins, then the ad came up, it was SOO inappropriate! Omgudness like chai!

No skill required

Fun for the first 5 minutes but then you discover the game requires no skill at all. It doesn't matter how fast you are. You will randomly be thrown an impossibly high number block to break through. And when I say randomly I mean in about 30 seconds. After that the game is over and you have to start over, each game never lasts longer than a 45 seconds so what's the point? I can see how this can be fun but at least make the game playable or require some skill. It's just randomly appearing blocks, no way to tell what they are ahead of time and no way to dodge, then game decides when it wants you to be done playing. There's opportunity here but it's not playable at the moment.

One big and annoying issue!!

This game is so much FUN!! But there’s a lot of ADDS!!!!


Great game

To many ads

I’ve played many of voodoo’s games and some are fun and some aren’t as much fun and this is an opinion, I know I’m not the only one saying this but there games are bad because your watching more ads than playing the game, I would download and play there games if they got rid of ads, I get it you do need income but don’t do it by mandatory ad spam. Your games would be more fun to play without ads, and I refuse to play any of there games because of this problem

Too many ads

I saw an add for this (should have been a sign) and it looked like it would be a fun game. I ended up downloading the game and playing and after the first life I had to watch three ads just to play again. I see there is a pay version to remove ads but it's $2.99. I can't even try the game out to see if I like it. I hate when a game is unplayable unless you purchase the full version. Very disappointed.

This game is amazing

I can’t stop playing it once I started I realized that you can change the color of the balls and if you hit solo you play with other people

Too many ads

Ad after each game! Fix it

Promising But Needs Update

This is a good game BUT it could be great. The main flaw of this game is that there is too much luck involved. They need to allow the player to see the blocks at least for a split secod before the barriers appear so you have a chance to choose the right path. Instead you have to guess the right path and might wind up with an insurmountable block. Also, there should always be at least one block in a wall that is less than 10. Other than that its an awesome game!


لعبة جميلة ومفيدة للتركيز

Too many ads

Why are there so many ads?? I paid the $2.99 update and still get ads popping up every other minute.

Ads ruin the game

The game is great and fun. I don’t mind ad heavy games and have a lot of patience for them but there are way too many here and it just kills the game. I had to delete it within a few minutes.


Very cool game and I love the feature where yo can compete against others! It’s so cool and fun

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