Snake VS Block App Reviews

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Too many ads!!!

I hate how many pop ups are in this game. I enjoy the game and would pay a buck or two in order to not have to see all those pop ups. And some ads are inappropriate for my children to see. I'm taking my gaming elsewhere


It's so fun! I love it.😍😂🤙🏻

Awesome game!

I love this game!Its so addicting,But the only problem is that ads would come up mostly every 10 or less seconds.But I would still play this game ✌️😛

Love It

So i downloaded this yesterday and I'm addicted to it! I know that a lot of reviews say that they don't like the ads so i came up with the genius idea of just turning off the wifi while playing the game. Its free that way. Just dont go to settings and forget the network. Or if you ate in the car and hit a wifi hotspot that could become annoying. But it still works and im willing to play it.

Snake vs ads

Seriously way to many ads it’s like “hey you just got done watching an ad how about an AD?!?!?”


Game is very addictive, but every time u die (which is alot) an Ad plays EVERY TIME. Its beyond Annoying!

Too many adds!!

I love this game it’s so much fun but there are WAY too many ads and it should only cost 1 dollar to remove them please fix this


I like this app and I don't play many games on my phone but there are definitely lots of ads which was so annoying because they take to long and I don't like waiting I purchased it to remove ads but the ads are still there. I want my money back!!


I've had this for less than 24 hours and I'm LOVING it. So addicted!!

Idk just sooo fun!!

I love dis game the snake colors and shapes are just sooooooo cool but when I die it's not pretty

Too many ads

Ads make this game not fun.


I am cool

Tone down the ads!!

Literally an ad after every time you die is a bit excessive!




It is good if no ads 5star

Don’t get tricked

I purchased the game without the ads thinking it will stop ads. To my surprise it doesn’t work you still get ads. Not right Apple

Only adds.

Only adds. Would be good otherwise.

Too many adds

There are way too many adds. I feel like I can barely play the game because of the ridiculously many adds. I would play more often if the adds stopped showing up do much. I respect the fact that they have to put in adds but honest to gosh why so many adds

Fun game too many ads

Ad every time you die, and they are long


Nothing bad to report

Too many advise

This game is awesome.. but they're too many advertisements. You will spend as much time if not more with the advertisements then playing the game. Unless you pay for it. And it's not that cool that I would pay for it 😕



The best EVER 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

Awesome cool and very addictive. I really recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun challenge


This game is so addicting & fun

Love it

I love the game

Unnecessarily too many ads.

Great game, but the amount of ads is unnecessary.

Good game but

Ok love the game but to many ads so i know it's free but the ads

I understand that free apps need ads but...

Frequency and type of ads make for infuriating experience


Fun game but the amount of ads between games are something ive never seen before. Yes its a free game, yes theres a paid version for ad-free experience but once you spend more time watching videos than actually playing, that becomes pretty annoying. The game itself is fun and challenging, would be a great "get your mind away from things" game if it wasnt for the 30 secs ad videos every time you die.

Ok but to many ads

After every round there is a ad witch makes me so mad

God huwheeh. E

God Huss have


Can't stop it is so fun 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Love it

Nice game


this app is fun but the adds are annoying and come out every thirty seconds eidjordlksksjdnf

Add free my butt

I love playing this game and would play more BUTT. It should have been made clear that it is not add free or I would have purchased it. I payed enough I should not have to see adds!!!!


This is a grate game keeps me occupied


bad nasty ads


I'm only saying this because I'm bad at it NO BAD REPORT I think this is a very creative game and I personally think this is an amazing game!!!

Ads are us!

Way too many ads. One big long advertisement. Deleted after 5 minutes.


It is a great app but,it is challenging. I love challenging

Fun game, too many ads

It's an unbearable about of ads. I normally don't mind them but this was ridiculous.

Don't bug

Ads after every round they take u to random pages

Get ride of adds

Too many adds

Snake Vs block

The game is fun and cool!!!! It's hard and easy.


When I Tried The Game I was like "To Be Honest This Game Is Amazing" So Very Great Game I Will Always Play It!!😁

Ok but hard to understand at first and very many ads

This is a great game. It is fun and addictive. However at first it was hard to understand how to play. There are also very many ads which is slightly annoying but is worth it for this fun addictive game

Fun game

I enjoy it way more than I thought I would



Unable to restore in app purchase

Bought it on iPod, tried to restore on iPhone.... won’t work.

Snake vs block

This game has is awesome and my daughter is addicted to I have a very large family with cousin aunts and uncle and all of them seem to love it.

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